Kiekens metallvifter

Kiekens metallvifter

For almost one hundred years, Kiekens Products, through its own marketing department, has been supplying tried-and-tested fans to a very wide range of industrial sectors and for a variety of applications, with short delivery times and at competitive prices. Thanks to our many years of experience and continuous research programmes, Kiekens Products is able to offer a range of certified high-quality products for both high-vacuum and low-vacuum applications. The high yield and low noise levels of our products minimise their environmental impact.

The best reason to choose Kiekens Products, however, is that we are able to offer a solution to any specific problem!

  • Installations that meet the most stringent requirements
  • Clean air – polluted air – particle exhaust
  • Models covering a very wide range of air volumes and designs


Kiekens Products offers a wide range of industrial fans. Thanks to their solid steel plate construction, our fans offer high operational reliability levels and require a minimum of maintenance. The modular structure, based on standardised components, guarantees a very high degree of versatility in terms of fan model and design. Our range of industrial fans includes the following models:

  1. Clean air and polluted air fans
  2. Exhaust fans
  3. High-pressure fans
  4. Turbo exhausters
  5. Axial flow and low budget centrifugal fans